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The 3 Stages of Gum Disease
Gum disease is one of the most prevalent dental issues in America. As the disease develops in three different stages,[...]
Protect Your Teeth from Cavities with Dental Sealants
Dental sealants are thin plastic-type coatings that act as a protective covering and shield your molar and premolars from decay[...]
Why You Need Invisalign® Treatment For Your Teeth Straightening Procedure
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The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening
Most people think that teeth whitening is an expensive dental procedure and that the outcome is not worth the money.[...]
Sedation Dentistry: The Benefits
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7 Remarkable Benefits Of Digital Dental X-rays
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The Bliss Of Cerec Technology In The Dental World
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What Makes Dental Implants So Expensive?
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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers In 2019
VENEERS IN BRIEF Veneers are wafer-like thin dental restorations, usually made of porcelain, which is attached to the front portion[...]
Oral Cancer Awareness Should Reach Far & Wide
Ways to spread this awareness The term ‘oral cancer’ is quite an acquaintance for people across all ages. The reason being the statutory[...]
Announcing Our New Cone Beam (Cbct) Scanner
Why we decided to invest in a CBCT scanner CBCT scanners used to only be found in oral surgery offices[...]
Dental Implant Cost – A Breakdown And Explanation
One of the things that we are asked most about in the office is dental implant cost… …and why treatment[...]
Questions About Tooth Eruption
When does the first adult tooth normally erupt? Normally, at around age 6, the lower central incisors are the first[...]
How Does Arestin Help with the Treatment of Gum Disease? In the past we used to treat moderate to severe[...]
Bone Grafting Questions Answered
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT BONE GRAFTING Question: Why is it important to preserve bone and surrounding gum tissue? Answer: If[...]
Common Questions About Botox
Botox Questions and Answers Question: How long does Botox last for? Answer: Botox usually lasts 4-6 months after initial treatment.[...]
Common Questions About Dental Crowns
Questions and Answers about Dental Crowns Why don’t you use digital impressions? Answer: When Dr. Oestervemb was teaching at the[...]
Common Questions About Tooth Extractions
Questions and Answers about Dental Extractions QUESTION: WHAT IF I AM NERVOUS/HAVE ANXIETY ABOUT HAVING A TOOTH REMOVED? A: If you[...]
Dental Implants: Questions And Answers
Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: HOW LONG DO IMPLANTS TAKE? A: In general it takes about 2 months of healing[...]
Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction
Answers to Common Questions about Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation/Reconstruction QUESTION: WHY DO I NEED FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION? A: There are a[...]
Implant Supported Overdentures – Questions And Answers
IV Sedation: Your Questions Answered
IV Sedation FAQ QUESTION: HOW IS IV-SEDATION DIFFERENT FROM ORAL SEDATION (TAKING PILLS)? A: Oral sedation, taking pills, will have many[...]
Mouth Guards For Sports
What sports do you recommend mouth guards for? ANY COLLISION OR CONTACT SPORTS REQUIRE THE USE OF AN ATHLETIC GUARD/[...]
Night Guards
Night Guards: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: DO I HAVE TO WEAR IT EVERY NIGHT? A: This depends on the indication for[...]
Nitrous Oxide Common Questions And Answers
Nitrous Oxide: Q&A QUESTION: DO I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING OVER MY FACE? A: Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that[...]
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Cancer Detection: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM ORAL CANCER? A: About 36,500 people will be diagnosed[...]
Partial Dentures: Your Questions Answered
Partial Dentures: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: WILL THE PARTIAL DENTURE CHANGE HOW I SPEAK? A: It can be difficult to speak[...]
Common Questions About Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION:  HOW IS SCALING AND ROOT PLANING DONE? A: After numbing you up with local anesthetic[...]
Powerprox Six Month Braces – Common Questions
PowerProx Six Months Braces©  FAQ: QUESTION: DO YOU JUST TIGHTEN THE BRACES MORE OFTEN? A: This is a very common misconception[...]
Questions And Answers About Dental Cleanings
Prophylaxis/Dental Cleanings: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO GET MY TEETH CLEANED? A: We try to provide[...]
Questions And Answers About Root Canals
Root Canal: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: DOES A ROOT CANAL HURT? A: Most of us have heard horror stories about the[...]
Sealants: Questions And Answers
Sealants: Frequently Asked Questions QUESTION: HOW DO YOU PLACE A SEALANT? A: The tooth is first cleaned using a 2-step[...]
Common Questions About Sinus Lifts
Bleaching And Teeth Whitening: Common Questions
Questions about Tooth Whitening/Bleaching Q: DOES TOOTH WHITENING CAUSE PERMANENT TOOTH SENSITIVITY? A: Sensitivity from tooth whitening is always transient. That[...]
Questions And Answers About Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth FAQ: QUESTION: DO WISDOM TEETH MAKE MY LOWER TEETH GET CROOKED? A: We used to think this was the[...]
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