3D Impression Scanner

No more gooey mess or gagging!

Is your dentist still using old impression techniques? The Smiles Of Virginia team are dedicated to making your dental treatment as efficient, comfortable and easy as possible. That means we use the state of the art 3Shape Trios 3D imaging scanner throughout your treatment.

The Trios mouth scanner can be used with all treatments offered at our clinic including but not limited to crowns, implants, bridges, partial dentures, night guards, and orthodontics. The scanner delivers superior results and is infinitely more comfortable for our patients. It also allows us to have complete control over all aspects of your smile transformation. From your very first appointment, to the day you leave with your new smile.

We get a digital impression in color and real time that we can immediately send to our in house lab to produce the best and highest quality dental care Winchester has to offer.


  • Elimination of traditional, messy impressions that made you gag
  • No waiting 10 min for your impression to set
  • High quality digital impressions improve diagnostics and communication with our patients
  • Accurate capture of your bite and jaw movement (only one on the market that captures a 3D video of how your teeth and jaws move)
  • Quick scan times
  • Superior to traditional impressions

Are all scanners the same?

Not all scanners are made the same. Trios is the market leader with several unique and patented features

  • Trios is the only scanner with the patented “Patient Specific Motion” that captures your jaw movement in real time (see video) allowing more accurately fitting restorations (see video)
  • It also takes HD (High Definition) color photos that has proven to be more accurate at shade measurement than the human eye in a recent university study (GotFredsen et al, April 2015).
  • It is validated for full arch implant cases, All-on-4 and All-on-6
  • It offers orthodontic simulations that will show you how your teeth will look after orthodontics (Click here to see a video and read more about this)
  • It offers a smile Simulation, allowing us to show you how your veneers or implants etc. will look. This way you are getting what you want after your smile make over (click here to read more)
  • Patient monitoring allows us to scan your teeth, and then later on, rescan to compare changes. This would, for instance, show us how severely you might be grinding your teeth, and how fast your teeth are wearing down so we can intervene.


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