oral screening

Did you know that the preventative dentistry examinations you get at your regular dental checkups might save your life? Our dentist in Winchester, VA, can help you attain and maintain the best level of oral health during these consultations. It is correct. The Mouth Cancer Foundation believes that increasing the frequency of screenings is the most effective strategy to bring the total number of fatalities caused by oral cancer each year down to a more manageable level. The best part is that tests for oral cancer are performed so quickly and without any discomfort that you probably won’t even notice they are taking place. 

What Happens During Oral Cancer Screening?

A dentist in Winchester, VA, will do an oral cancer screening for you. They will thoroughly look over your face, head, neck, mouth, and throat for any indications of the illness. In addition, we will ask you some questions to assist us in determining whether or not you are exhibiting any warning symptoms of oral cancer that are not visible to the naked eye. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes to finish, and there is no risk of infection or discomfort involved in any part of it. Oral screenings allow us to search for a wide variety of symptoms, some of which are listed below:

  • Soft tissue abnormalities, such as lumps or bumps, are common.
  • A condition characterized by swelling or hardness of the lymph nodes
  • Discoloration of the muscle and connective tissue
  • Soft tissue abnormalities, such as lumps or bumps, are common.
  • A sore throat or a raspy voice

Do I Need Screening If I Don’t Use Tobacco?

Yes. Even while using tobacco products is one of the primary risk factors for oral cancer, this does not mean that it is the sole risk factor. Around one-quarter of people diagnosed with oral cancer annually do not participate in any of the high-risk activities related to developing this fatal illness. To assist you in determining whether or not you are at risk for oral cancer, we’ll go over all of the factors that might put you at risk. Visit Smiles Of Virginia in Winchester, VA, for the best oral screening-related treatment in nearby areas.