Intraoral Cameras

Have you ever had your dentist try to shine a light on your tooth while you awkwardly hold a mirror and get a glimpse of what is going on with your back molar tooth? You should not have to deal with this in the 21st century!

Intraoral Cameras allow us to capture and display images from your mouth on a computer screen in front of you while you are still in the chair.

Intraoral Camera

We have decided to install intraoral cameras in all of our 8 treatment rooms because we think patient education and understanding is paramount for a good relationship.

Most dental offices only have 1 or 2 cameras, which means they do not get used very often because it is inconvenient to move them from room to room. This is why we decided to have the intraoral cameras installed in all of our rooms. Patients have been very pleased with that decision!

How does the intraoral camera work?

The intraoral camera is about the size of a pen. It uses 8 small lights to illuminate the tooth from all sides while taking pictures of the teeth in question. Then, on a screen, we can show you an enlarged version of what is happening in your mouth or things we may have concerns about. We have the ability to save the pictures so that we can show you the area again at your subsequent visits. This is especially important for detection of oral cancer – the camera is available in all of our rooms so we can quickly take a picture use it to monitor and document any changes.

intraoral photo of composite filling

The intraoral camera allows you as the patient to be more confident in your treatment.

The camera can help you choose your treatment plan after consulting with us. It also allows us to show and send your insurance provider more visual proof of various conditions. This allows for better claim approval – we always try to maximize your benefits!




The saying intraoral camera“a picture is worth a thousand words” really applies here!