Full-mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth rehabilitation is always a highly individualized treatment.

The point of a full mouth reconstruction is to optimize the health of the entire mouth including your gums, your teeth and your bite. In most cases we replace or restore every tooth in the mouth using a combination of dental services. We combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to give you the smile you always dreamed of.

Before you undergoing full mouth reconstruction, we will provide a comprehensive exam to determine if you are a good candidate. We will primarily focus on:

  • The condition of your existing teeth: everything that needs to be restored including cavities, cracks, broken teeth etc. will have to be treatment planned. We also look at any questionable teeth, teeth requiring root canals and missing teeth that we have to replace.
  • Periodontal (gum issues): we need to optimize your gum tissue health before we can proceed with the full mouth reconstruction to ensure a good long-term result.
  • Jaw Joint function (Temporomandibular joint): we want to ensure you have a stable jaw joint with no symptoms before starting. Sometimes we need to give you a special mouth appliance that simulates how your new bite will feel. We do this to make sure your new proposed bite will alleviate your symptoms before we start any irreversible procedures. Planning is key.
  • Esthetics: we will discuss your concern and evaluate how your teeth look in relation to your gums, lips, mouth and overall facial structure.

After completing a comprehensive exam, we will present different treatment options to you and discuss their pros and cons. You then select your preferred treatment. Full mouth rehabilitation is a significant financial investment, and as such, we offer financing options.

An example of a  patient with a full mouth rehabilitation, and examples of long-span fixed bridges.

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