3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery


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Our dental office uses only the newest and most advanced dental equipment available on the market. Most dentists still do not use a surgical guide for their surgeries. Many do not even utilize a 3D X ray! We are using fully guided 3D printed Dental Implant Stents and 3D surgical planning for all of our cases. This allows Dr. Oestervemb to approach your particular needs with the utmost personal and minimally invasive care possible. Dr. Oestervemb believes so strongly in this, that he includes this, in his low all inclusive fees.

What is Computer guided dental implant surgery?

First, we take a Cone Beam CT Scan that allows us to visualize your bone structure, sinuses and nerves. However, this CT Scan does not show your gum tissue accurately enough. Therefore, we also take a 3D scan of your mouth using our Trios 3D Color mouth scanner. This video records your gums and teeth in 3D and fabricates a detailed 3D model of your mouth. This does not involve radiation as it uses cameras. We can then merge the 2 scans for a complete 3D model of your face that shows both your bone and gum tissue. Your new teeth are then placed in the optimal position together with your implants. We can also visualize your sinus’s, and nerves to help avoid these. This all happens on the computer, hence the term computer guided. We are doing the surgery first on the computer, visualizing the final teeth as well. A 3D surgical guide is then 3D printed that allows us to place the implants exactly where we would like them.

Is computer guided dental implant surgery safe?

Yes! With guided surgery, we greatly reduce the margin of error, as the planning prior to the procedure reduces the chance of any unknown or unexpected circumstances. Dr. Oestervemb is completely aware of the requirements needed for your specific case during your procedure, due to the extensive virtual planning, that is done before your surgery.

Why don’t all dentists use guided surgery?

Unfortunately, the entry point for guided surgery is very high. You need to invest in a CT Scanner, a 3D printer, special guided surgical kits and spend time on advanced training. Since Dr. Oestervemb specifically is focused on dental implant surgery, he has both the training and equipment needed.


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