Sealants are recommended for children to help maintain healthy teeth and aid in the prevention of cavities.

Many teeth in the back of the mouth (molars and premolars) have deep grooves and pits on the biting surface areas that are very difficult to keep clean. To solve this, a thin layer of tooth-colored material (a sealant) is placed in those grooves and pits to help provide protection and make it easier to clean.

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Sealants are part of our individualized care.

Once the sealant is placed it helps provide protection by keeping food and bacteria out of the deep grooves that can be difficult to clean. It can also vary at what age we place the sealants and on which back teeth we decide to place sealants on. This is because not everyone’s teeth are the same and some have very deep grooves and pits while others can have completely flat teeth with no groves or pits.

The sealant is placed on children’s teeth to help prevent cavities while their dexterity is not as proficient as adults while brushing their teeth. In this way the sealant may wear away over time but as a child gets older their dexterity and ability to clean their teeth has increased and they no longer need the extra protection the sealant provides.

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