Pediatric Dentistry Services in Winchester, VA

Pediatric Dentistry

We absolutely love working with children at Smiles of Virginia.

Our goal is to make your children feel at ease so that they have the best and most positive experience they have ever had at a dentist. Your kids will learn:

  • Your kids will learn how to care for their teeth.
  • A visit to the dentist can be fun!
  • We make regular dental visits something to look forward to.
  • Your children will learn that visiting the dental office is a way to keep their smile healthy for their lifetime.

baby brushing teeth

We also have an amazing toy rewards center that every child can see before seeing the dentist; even our adult patients get jealous!

Children’s teeth – called primary teeth or baby teeth – are important and need to be kept in good health for the following reasons:

  1. Allowing proper chewing and function so that your child can have healthy eating habits and nutrition to grow.
  2. Holding the space for the permanent teeth. Baby teeth are a guide for adult teeth to come in. Baby teeth that are lost too early or kept in too long can cause adult teeth to erupt in the wrong position.
  3. Allowing normal development of the jaw bone and muscles around the teeth
  4. Allowing the correct development of speech

When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Many people wonder when they should start bringing their child to the dentist. The American Dental Association has promoted that a child should begin seeing the dentist at age 1 or within 6 months of their first tooth erupting; whichever is sooner. One reason we would like to see your child from early childhood is to be able to guide parents about ways to help your child brush and how to help prevent cavities. It is much easier to help prevent a cavity than to have to do a filling! Also, we want your child to get used to the dentist and the different things they see at the dentist. That way the child does not feel surprised or worried about their dental visits, as it will feel that they have grown up visiting the dentist every 6 months!

We offer many ways to make your child feel comfortable if they should need to have dental work done.

First and foremost, with every child visit, we practice Tell-Show-Do.

  • Tell-Show-Do is exactly how it sounds.
  • We explain to children before starting what they should expect so as to not feel surprised.
  • We let children see and feel the different materials in order to make them feel comfortable.
  • We begin the procedure only when the child is informed and comfortable.
  • We also offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas in order to make your child feel more relaxed.

Our goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible while keeping their smile healthy and happy!

And, at the end of their visit, all of our amazing pediatric patients are rewarded with “gold coins” to use in the toy center.

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