teeth whitening

It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having your teeth whitened at home vs. the dentist. Aside from the fact that professional teeth whitening is safe but more expensive, the results are significantly better and less risky than those attained with over-the-counter or at-home procedures. Visit our dentists in Winchester, VA for more information.

One-hour turnaround time for quick results

Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching ingredient, is included in both at-home and professional treatments. Compared to at-home procedures, in-office systems contain between 15% and 43% peroxide, while at-home methods have between 3% and 20%. The dentist uses a bleaching chemical with a greater peroxide concentration that whitens teeth faster and more effectively.

Aside from having a high concentration of peroxide, dentists also employ heat or light to speed up and enhance the whitening process. For at-home procedures, it may take weeks or even months to see results, whereas professional teeth whitening may show results in as little as one hour!

A Brighter, Longer-Lasting Smile

One of the biggest benefits of having your teeth whitened by a dentist is the treatment supervision provided before and after the procedure to ensure excellent outcomes.

Before teeth whitening, the dentist in Winchester, VA will thoroughly examine your teeth to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. Your teeth will not be whitened if you have any visible restorations, and this might result in discoloration or staining. Your dentist may do a comprehensive examination of your teeth to decide whether bleaching is the best treatment. A less-than-perfect outcome may be avoided this way.

The dentist in Winchester, VA will also clean your teeth and remove any plaque or tartar to get the best results from the bleaching solution. It is important that the dental expert watch the whitening process to make sure it proceeds well and that there is minimum tooth sensitivity and gum irritation after the operation. “

Most at-home whitening procedures (such as bleaching toothpaste or baking soda) only whiten the teeth from the outside. In contrast, in-office professional whitening brightens the enamel from the inside out, erasing stains caused by aging and medications. Consequently, the effects are both more spectacular and more long-lasting than with devices that can be used at home. There is a chance that your teeth may need more than one treatment to get the desired outcome.

Reduced Sensitivity and Damage to Tooth Structure

Gum soreness and inflammation are quite rare after teeth whitening. Don’t leave the whitening gel on for lengthy periods to avoid sensitive teeth. When you consume certain foods, and the peroxide agent gets on your gums, it might irritate them and cause discomfort. At-home whitening devices are more likely to be misused by patients, resulting in sensitivity and discomfort and less-than-desirable outcomes. Instead, the dentist will clean and disinfect your mouth, teeth, and gums before using a whitening solution to prevent any damage to these delicate areas. A dental professional knows how to avoid harming the teeth and get the best results while whitening teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is the preferable alternative because of the health dangers involved with at-home whitening treatments and the various benefits of professional teeth whitening.

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