3D Printing

3D Printing is Revolutionizing Dentistry

The potential applications with 3D printing is endless!

When you visit Smiles Of Virginia, our dentist and team go above and beyond to provide you with cutting edge dentistry. To help make your treatment more personalized, faster, less painful and more efficient, we offer a complete SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing ecosystem in our office. We use a laser to cure solid isotropic parts from a liquid photopolymer resin creating 3D models in record time.

Capabilities of 3D Printing in Dentistry

  • Surgical guides for dental implants : Dr. Oestervemb does a virtual 3D surgery on the computer, before your implant surgery. This allows us to 3D print a surgical guide that we can use to place the implants faster and more accurately. Click here for more information.
  • Create orthodontic models for Clear Aligners : We can 3D print models and make in house aligners. However, by fabricating the trays in office we can lower the lab fee. That savings, we pass on to our patients to make clear aligners more affordable and faster.
  • Print Dentures: If your denture breaks or you need a quick denture we can print a denture in office for you to wear. The denture is not as aesthetic as a lab processed one but it will get you by until a conventional denture can be made.
  • Print Temporary teeth: For smile makeovers we can 3D print temporary crowns for you to wear. A trial smile to make sure you are happy before we make the final crowns in porcelain.

Benefits of 3D Printing

  • Patients save money!
    We save on our lab fees, and we pass that savings on to our patients.
  • Faster treatment
    We don’t have to wait for shipping or a lab that is back logged. Often, we can turn things around in less than 24 hours! For rush cases, within a few hours.
  • More predictable treatment
    Enables us to give you an accurate trial smile to wear to make sure you are satisfied. If you want changes, we can easily modify it and 3D print you another try in. It is even possible to print different designs of teeth to see which one you prefer.
  • Less pain
    Our surgical guides enable use to do minimally invasive surgery with often no pain afterwards.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about our 3D printer in Winchester, Virginia.


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