Super Numb Mouth Rinse

Less Painful Dental Visits with our in-house anesthetic mouth rinse

To build a more caring practice, and our belief in “Treating Your Family Like Our Family”, we offer a special compounded rinse that has been perfected throughout the years. It is a compounded, topical anesthetic, oral rinse, that you swish with for 1 minute to anesthetize your gum tissue.

Extremely effective for:

  • Patients who need some anesthesia, but do not want an injection; for example, patients getting their teeth cleaned and their gums and teeth are very sensitive
  • Patients with a sensitive gag reflex, as the numbing actions helps calm your gag reflex
  • Patient with anxiety, as they feel less stimulation of their gums and less pain during their cleaning because the gums are numb
  • Needle phobic patients
  • Patient that do not like the pain that can be associated with probing depths

Frequently asked questions:

How fast does it work

How long does it last for

Does it mean I don’t have to get a “shot”/be numbed up

Is the rinse free?



I cant believe my old dentist didn’t have this


I have referred so many friends and family members to your clinic because of this alone


I finally don’t have to be in the chair constantly being afraid it will hurt when I get my teeth cleaned


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