Dental sealants are thin plastic-type coatings that act as a protective covering and shield your molar and premolars from decay and cavities. Brushing and flossing your teeth are effective ways of removing food particles and bacteria from the teeth. However, the teeth at the back of the mouth often remain vulnerable even after regular care. Sealants are an effective way of protecting your teeth by sealing out the food particles.

What can sealants do for you?

Dental sealants are applied on the chewing surface of the teeth to prevent cavities. Sealants are regarded as being one hundred percent effective in safeguarding teeth from cavities. The teeth at the back of the mouth have grooves or fissures in them. It is generally very challenging to clean the grooves even individual strands of toothbrushes are unable to reach them. This makes these teeth more vulnerable to bacteria attacks and decay. Also, plaque can accumulate in the fissure and the bacteria present in the plaque can release acids, damaging the tooth enamel and creating cavities.

Dental sealants in Winchester VA are effective in covering these grooved areas and providing a smooth surface serving as an additional layer of protection against bacterial attacks and plaque accumulation. While sealants are generally applied to the chewing areas of premolars and molars, in some you’re your dentist in Winchester may recommend sealant application on other teeth with fissures.

Are Sealants a Good Choice?

The bacteria present in the mouth create acid by utilizing the sugar present in the food you consume. As time passes, this acid secretion causes cavities in your teeth. Seal ants act as an umbrella and provide extra protection to your teeth.

An experienced dentist in Winchester, VA takes only a few minutes to seal each tooth with a dental sealant. To do this, the dentist cleans each of the teeth and ensures that none of them have decayed. Following this, the chewing surfaces of the teeth are prepared to help the sealant stick to the teeth. Then the sealant is applied on the surface by the dentist. A special curing light may also be used to help to harden the sealant. Proper application of the sealant ensures that it is retained properly and lasts long.

Children derive the most benefits from sealant application, for both their milk teeth and permanent teeth. Baby teeth erupt in the mouth as early as 6 months of age. The milk teeth are supposed to stay in the mouth until permanent teeth erupt around the age of 10-12. If a baby tooth becomes infected with cavities, it will have no replacement. Premature loss of a baby tooth is not good for maintaining jaw shape and bone too. When protected with dental sealants, the milk teeth can be preserved until the permanent teeth erupt.

Similarly, for permanent teeth, that have just erupted, the chewing -surfaces are more vulnerable to cavities as food particles and bacteria cannot be cleaned out easily. Dental Sealants do not seem much, but when given to a tooth, they can make very impressive contributions to dental health. Decay can emerge early in life, so dentists normally apply sealants to children’s and teenagers’ premolars and molars to safeguard them. Sealants can also protect adults’ teeth.

The use of dental sealants is widespread and they have proved to be effective in preventing decay. Dental sealants have a long life span and can last for about a decade. However, you should get your oral health checked regularly to ensure that your sealants are not damaged.

Having vast experience and expertise in preventive dentistry, our doctors at Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center can provide cutting-edge dentistry with a gentle touch. If you want to get sealants for yourself or your little ones, a family dentist in Winchester, VA can help you.