Night Guard

The grinding and clenching of the teeth can harm your teeth. Night guard plays the role of bite pads and prevents the upper portion of the teeth from grinding the lower portion of the teeth. If left untreated, it can even lead to the damage of TMJ joints. It can also be uncomfortable for those sleeping near the person who has the habit of teeth grinding at night. Night Guards are one of the effective ways to prevent the damage of your teeth due to bruxism or teeth grinding. Thus, placing a night guard offers a smooth barrier allowing the lower and upper jaws to slide against each other. 

For those suffering from TMJ disorder, a night guard can help relieve them from the pain by reducing the pressure on the joints. It thus helps in reducing the strain too. It is also suitable for jaw clenching and misaligned bite problems. The night guards are usually composed of durable plastic material and are designed to be durable enough to withstand the pressure of the teeth. Consult your nearest dentist in Winchester if you have bruxism or teeth grinding problems. They will evaluate your teeth and bite pattern to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly. 

Types of Night Guards

The night guards are made available in three types. One is a ready-made night guard that is designed as one-size-fits-all. However, it makes wearing uncomfortable for many. It is bulkier and could affect the breathing and speaking ability of the person wearing it. Another type of night guard is boil-and-bite. It can be bought over the counter, and the person will have to heat and then press against the teeth to get the custom form fit of the teeth. Both boil-and-bite and ready-made night guard are not recommended due to their drawbacks. 

You will get the best protection from teeth grinding whenever you use a night guard that perfectly fits your teeth and bites. Contact your nearest dentist in Winchester for a custom-made night guard. The dentist will do the dental examination and analyze which type of custom-made night guard suits you the best. The Winchester dentist will then make the necessary adjustments and provide you with the home care instructions to ensure proper cleanliness and safety of the night guard. They will take the best set of impressions, and the custom-made night guards will be delivered to you within two weeks.