Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Care

If you have a dental emergency, please call us at 540-450-2100

 as soon as possible.

We encourage people to save money and avoid emergency visits by becoming a regular patient. However, we understand that things happen and if you call during regular office hours we will always try to see you the same day no matter how late we have to work. We also offer after-hours emergency dental care.

If your dental emergency occurs after hours, please call our office at 540-450-2100.

emergency dental care

Our voicemail will provide you with the appropriate contact numbers. If you have dental discomfort on a weekday, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible, so we will be better able to meet your needs. We offer 24/7 emergency care but there is an additional fee for in-office procedures after hours.

emergency dentist

It is our priority to get you out of pain and to fix your problem.

Our goal is to send you home knowing you will get a good night’s sleep. That is one of the reasons we offer all dental procedures in-house such as:

  • Extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Same-day implants
  • Root canals