Clear Aligner is the best orthodontic treatment option for numerous patients out there who are looking to get their teeth straightened comfortably and conveniently. There are numerous advantages of clear braces over traditional metal braces that make its demand so high in the market. Although there are certain occlusions that clear aligners cannot fix, it can still fix most of them and hence, the chances that clear braces treatment might just be the best alternative for your orthodontic treatment are high.

But before you decide on getting them, let’s give you an idea about what you’ll be in for during your treatment:

1. Quicker treatment

While most traditional orthodontic braces can take over a year to fix a dental misalignment, clear aligners can fix the same within six months! It drastically reduces the treatment time in most cases and even produces better results than traditional braces in majority of the cases.

2. Invisible to the eye

Clear aligner is transparent. This means that you need not worry about how your smile looks throughout your treatment. As a matter of fact, people might not even notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This invisible nature of clear aligner has attracted high school students and professionals alike, to whom, appearance counts a lot in their daily lives.

3. Comfortable to wear

Clear aligners is inexplicably more comfortable to wear than metal braces. Clear aligner is made of smooth and fine plastic with no metal wires and brackets and is lightweight. Therefore, it feels very comfortable inside the mouth. Although you may struggle with your speech during the initial days, once you get accustomed to the material in your mouth, it would feel completely comfortable and natural.

4. Convenient

If the thought of no metal braces and heaviness inside your mouth was not good enough, you must know that clear aligner mostly does not come with any diet restrictions. This is because these aligners are removable and hence, you would anyway have to take them off when you have to eat or drink. Thus, your diet has no effect on your aligners. Talking about removable, you can remove your aligners whenever you want to and it would not affect your treatment as long as you’re wearing them for 20-22 hours a day.

Isn’t that everything you’ve wanted in your orthodontic treatment. But let’s not forget thatclear aligners cannot treat certain occlusions. To know if it’s suited for you, there’s only one way- get a comprehensive consultation with a dentist for your clear aligners treatment in Winchester, VA.