dental bridges

Due to their affordable cost and popularity, dental bridges are considered one of the best alternatives compared to implants. There is no need to hide your smile because of the missing teeth. Dental restoration procedures such as bridges ensure your smile looks flawless. It is also considered a suitable technique to correct dental problems such as tooth replacement. The benefits of dental bridges are not only aesthetic but also functional. It is virtually indistinguishable from others, thus making it look quite similar to natural teeth.

There are various types of dental bridges. The type of bridges placed as a replacement for your missing teeth depends on the patient’s unique requirements. As part of it, a dentist in Winchester will do an initial checkup to identify which one is more comfortable and convenient for you. The most common types of bridges include cantilever bridges, bonded bridges, removable bridges, and implant bridges.

Traditional Dental Bridge

This type of bridge uses two dental crowns that are placed on top of the adjacent teeth. However, a dentist in Winchester, VA will proceed with reshaping your adjacent teeth to create the required space for accommodating the crowns.

Implant bridges

Implant bridges are the most popular compared to all other types of bridges. It is permanent and, at the same time, more durable. The procedure involves screwing a titanium piece directly into the jaw bone, thus providing artificial teeth in place of missing teeth. However, it is not for all. 

Cantilever Bridge

Instead of two crowns, this bridge uses only a single crown to support the whole restoration. However, most Winchester dentists nowadays do not use it. It is because it cannot be used in the back teeth since that is where increased pressure happens whenever you bite something. Therefore, it can quickly get damaged and collapse due to the pressure of the bite.

Bonded Bridge

Only minor surrounding teeth alterations are required in this type of dental bridge. However, two tiny wings need to be attached to the adjacent teeth. The professionals at the dental office in Winchester will work in creating a durable bond for dental restoration. Furthermore, they will micro-etch the two supporting teeth. It is suitable for those looking to replace a single missing tooth

Removable Bridge

As the name suggests, it can be removed similar to dentures. Some patients with specific oral health issues prefer this type of dental bridge. 

Your dentist in Winchester will do an oral examination to identify whether dental implants are suitable for you or not. Looking for implant bridges, contact the best dentist providing dental bridges in Winchester, VA.