saliva role in oral health

We all have saliva in our mouths. It is produced by the mouth, especially oral mucous and salivary glands. Water constitutes most of the ingredients present in the watery mixture of secretions, also known as saliva. Apart from water, it also consists of mucus, different enzymes, antibacterial compounds, and electrolytes. 

Salivary Glands

Our mouth consists of three major salivary glands followed by a few minor glands. These major glands mostly produce saliva. The role of minor glands in the production of saliva is negligible. But still, those present around our oral cavity produce saliva. The nature of secretions may, however, vary. It can be thick, or it can be watery. The enzymes present in the saliva are mostly ions and salivary proteins. All this plays an important role in your oral hygiene

Benefits of Saliva in Oral Health

Saliva plays the role of a cleansing agent within the mouth. It also facilitates the easy digestion of food. The taste buds of our tongues are stimulated with the help of saliva. Thus it helps in the easier digestion of food whenever we place it within our mouth. It is also a natural lubricant, thus helping in hassle-free chewing of the food and facilitating the easy movement of the chewed food into the digestive system. Thanks to its ability to moisten the food that makes swallowing much easier for us. 

Prevents Bacteria From Plaque Formation

As a cleansing agent, saliva helps remove food particles that accumulate within your mouth easily. Plaque and tartar are formed whenever bacteria that grow on the food debris accumulate within the tooth enamel. By removing the food particles, saliva keeps those bacteria at bay and thereby ensuring better oral health for you. In addition, the acids developed by the bacteria are neutralized by the ions present within the mouth, which further acts as a buffering system. 

If you have insufficient saliva, it can lead you to many oral health problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, gum diseases, gingivitis, etc. In addition, it can impact your chewing ability and even hinder the smooth swallowing possible due to sufficient saliva in your mouth. Thus saliva is not only a natural lubricant but is also anti-viral, antifungal, and antibacterial.

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