It is now possible to straighten your teeth without braces thanks to an orthodontic therapy called Aligner. Bright track material, a thermoplastic, is used to make the aligners. Clear aligners may only be worn for two weeks before they must be replaced with a fresh set of aligners. Certain regions of the Aligner may be overlooked, resulting in a patient’s gums being sliced, causing pain and suffering. New collections of aligners may cause irritation or pain for certain patients. There may be a specific question that you want to know i.e Does Clear Aligner Work? Compared to traditional braces, it causes much fewer problems in the gums. Although they are not insignificant, the pain caused by these gum wounds may be managed in the short and long term.

Smoothing the edges of aligners

In general, the sharp edges of aligners might cause pain to patients during the early phase of therapy. On the other hand, the aligners’ edges may be smoothed out by the patient’s dentist upon request.

Orthodontic wax

Orthodontic wax is a transparent, silicon-based wax specifically designed for dental use. Applying it to the gum line where the edges of the aligners are positioned may also help reduce or avoid gum discomfort and cuts. As a result, the Aligners edges cannot cut into the gums due to the wax barrier.

Use pain-reducing medicines

After the initial usage of new aligners, cuts and soreness may occur in the gums, cheeks, or lips for up to 24 hours. Pain and inflammation may be reduced using over-the-counter analgesics such acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin.

Using cold

The mucosa and the gums may be soothed by applying cold compresses to the cheeks. It is possible to use ice packs on a towel or cold compresses, but only for a limited time (approximately 20 minutes) to avoid skin damage.

Soft foods

Foods that are too firm or crunchy should be avoided since they might irritate the gums and mucous membranes. So, particularly when wearing your new aligners, stay away from biting on anything crunchy or firm. Avoid entire apples, raw carrots, and other firm foods. Always consume soft foods as you get adjusted to your new aligners.

Using ointments

Sore mouths may be soothed with ointments. Helps to numb the region of application by containing benzocaine, a topical anesthetic. The bandage may also give hours of relief and relaxation by adhering to the gums, lips, and mucosa.

Before you sleep, remove your aligners and replace them with fresh ones. This might cause cuts in your gums, inflammation, or discomfort. As a result, patients might move to their next Aligner before going to sleep to alleviate pain.

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