Tek Scan

Digital bite adjustment

T-Scan® from TekScan is the only clinical recognized and research validated digital bite analysis and equilibration system. Using the T-scan, we can find and evaluate both the force and timing of your bite. Regular bite paper can only determine location. This helps us balance your occlusion with precision and accuracy.

Normal bite paper only shows where you are biting. It does not show how hard you are biting or where you bite first. A proper adjustment can help decrease the stress you put on a single tooth or implant by equally distributing the pressure and force.

Benefits of T-scan bite analysis/digital bite check:

  • Minimize any harmful early and high bite forces that will decrease the longevity of your teeth and crowns.
  • Ensures implant are not exposed to excessive forces that could cause you to lose your implant.
  • Evaluate if your bite is contributing to TMD or TMJ pain.

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