Choose Your Implant Dentist

How to choose your Implant Dentist

Below are our recommendations for choosing an implant dentist. At the end of the day, whether you choose to Dr. Oestervemb, or another dentist to place your implants, we believe you need to be informed about what to look for before making an informed decision. You need to have trust in your provider and feel like you are making an informed choice. That is also why we offer free consults.


We believe experience and training matters. Many dentist’s placing implants has only taken weekend courses before they start placing implants. Dr. Oestervemb did his first bone graft, implant placement and restoration of the implants all still while in dental school. He then went on to pursue a General Practice Residency for 1 year at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics followed by a 1-year Fellowship in Advanced General Dentistry. This further enhanced his skills in both the surgical placement of implants but also the restoration of dental implant. But he did not stop there, after his residency and fellowship Dr. Oestervemb also did a 1 year long American Academy of Implant Dentistry MaxiCourse. The year following this he did the Dental XP Implant Fellowship. This totals more than 500 additional hours of continuing education in implant dentistry besides his residency and fellowship. But as a lifelong learner, he has not stopped there. For 2020 he already has over 150 hours of implant dentistry courses planned. Many of them abroad, learning from the top implant experts all over the world. So, when deciding who you see, make sure to check their credentials, training and up to date techniques.


You want a dentist that utilizes the latest technology to minimize pain and increase success rates. You want to look for a dentist with a Cone Beam CT Scanner that allows visualization of your bone, sinus and nerves in 3D. We recommend one that offers guided surgery combined with 3D printing to increase accuracy and to offer minimally invasive surgery. We offer all these adjuncts included in our price at no additional cost.


Many times, you will have to see 2 or more dentists to get your dental implants completed. This can increase costs. That is why our prices are very competitive as we bundle everything, from start to finish, into 1 price. We offer a price that includes all the latest technology and the highest quality of products used.


You want an honest and upfront implant dentist. We do many 2nd opinions and many times we can save your teeth instead of removing them. Often, at a greatly reduced cost. You can read many reviews from our patients on Google and Facebook that point this out.


For your comfort, a provider offering IV sedation can help ease your anxiety and make your surgery smoother. For minor implant surgeries most patients are fine. However, if you need to have all of your remaining teeth pulled or having a sinus lift performed, we strongly believe IV-sedation is a must. IV-sedation makes the surgery go faster and you will have a more pleasant experience. In addition to this, make sure it is IV-sedation you will get getting, not just oral sedation. We have many patients come in wanting IV-sedation after they have been disappointed trying oral sedation. With oral sedation they only make you take a pill to relax you. Oral medications are not possible to titrate to effect like IV-sedation is.


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You should interview your implant dentist to make sure all your criteria are met. That is why we think free consults are so important to build trust and understand what is possible.

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