same day crowns

When your dentist recommends placing a dental crown over your tooth, it’s often because the tooth in question is damaged or blemished severely. To restore or improve the tooth, capping its entire visible crown structure is the best way to correct the issue. Given the nature of most oral health concerns and their tendency to get worse over time, it’s usually best to receive your dental crown as soon as possible. For optimal results, we can often recommend crafting and placing a dental crown all in one day, making it faster and more convenient to restore patients’ smiles.

Fixing damage to your tooth faster

One of the more common reasons for receiving a dental crown involves fixing some level of structural damage to your tooth. The goal of restorative treatment is to keep your treatment minimally invasive, and in minor cases of tooth damage, the right restoration may be something less involved, such as tooth bonding. If a dental crown is the appropriate option, it likely means the damage to your tooth is significant, and time will allow it to continue to get worse. Restoring your tooth with a same day crown in Winchester, VA means you can fix your tooth faster and reduce the risks of it experiencing even further damage.

Simplifying your overall dental treatment

The restorative benefits of a placing a dental crown over your tooth in just a day can have significant, positive implications for your oral health. Keeping your tooth strong and healthy also restores its functionality, making the dental crown essential to your long-term oral health. In addition to restoring your smile faster, however, same-day dental crowns also streamline the process of restoring your tooth in several different ways. For instance, same-day treatment means you won’t have to schedule multiple appointments just to have your crown placed. It also means your dental crown will be designed and crafted using advanced digital technology for optimal, highly lifelike results.

How a same-day dental crown works

Creating a same-day dental crown isn’t entirely different from creating and placing a traditional dental crown. Yet, the use of advanced, digital CEREC technology enhances every part of it. For example, digital imaging creates highly precise measurements of your tooth and dental ridge, and allows us to create a digital mold of your teeth to eliminate the need for a physical mold. The digital measurements are sent to an on-site milling machine that prints the restoration rapidly, allowing us to secure it permanently to your tooth all in just one day.

Using advanced CEREC technology, we can create and place your dental crown in just one day, which can have several benefits for improving your overall treatment. Contact us at Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center to save your tooth and transform your smile with same-day crowns in Winchester, VA.