COVID-19 safety activity

It’s a pandemic that is a horror story in itself that this generation can talk about to the upcoming ones.

The global economy was largely shut, humanity walled off, and the number of people affected was on the rise every single day.

But life as we know it can’t be quarantined indefinitely, right? We need our groceries, we need to go and see a dentist when we get a toothache, and we perhaps need a walk in the park too!

But are these activities safe?
Which of these are the safest bets?
That’s exactly what we’re most confused about!

That’s why researchers at MIT have come up with their findings to suggest places that we should avoid during this pandemic and places that are a safe go! Read on to find out if your long-yearned activity is on the green list.

Firstly, it’s important to note that these suggestions have been made while keeping public safety in mind. From a category of 26 businesses, MIT has classified them on the basis of how safe you and everyone around you would be within a particular setting, and if that risk is worth taking. Only those activities that ensure maximum safety to you and are valuable essentials in our lives have been given the green light.

Moving out to hit the gym, café, liquor, or tobacco stores is a bit of a public concern. That’s because these activities are not deemed to be essential and only puts public safety at risk with the social contacts amid significant gatherings. Café’s, juice bars, and dessert parlors constitute the sector that has the 3rd highest risk amongst the 26 business categories.

It’s pretty understandable that although these are deemed to be unessential, these are significant parts of our normal lives. Hitting the gym is essential for our health and fitness. However, for the time being, it appears that the only alternative that we can rely on is in-home work out sessions until the world gets back to normalcy.

The study also suggests that we must do everything that’s possible online. Yes, that’s the new and convenient norm! Stuff like groceries, fast food, books, and your most-loved fashion accessories must be ordered online, simply because it ensures that you can avail of these services and keeps public safety in check.

However, can you visit a dentist online when you get a toothache? Get a treatment online, maybe? No!

But don’t worry. MIT suggests that visiting a dentist is alright.

That’s because firstly, it’s a health essential and secondly, most dental clinics abide by CDC standards of safety. As for that matter, MIT gives a green light to visiting all healthcare facilities like dental clinics and physicians alike, banks, colleges and universities, as long as you have the right protective gear.

What it simply warns against is going out for activities that can be performed online or for activities that pose an unnecessary risk to our community.

It’s also important to note that if you need an emergency healthcare provider like a dentist, you visit your nearest dentist in your vicinity. Also, avoid emergency rooms since the gatherings there are larger and maintaining proper safety standards, hence, is tougher.

Therefore, it’s best that you make use of the private space, safety standards, and strict protocols of a dental clinic near you.

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