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Implant Bridges

An Economical Long-term solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

If you have multiple missing teeth in the same location, you do not always need 1 implant per tooth. Multiple implants spaced out can be used to support large bridges replacing multiple teeth, making it a more economical long term solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. With a regular bridge, you have to cut down your neighboring teeth to make room for crowns/caps to be fitted. With a dental implant bridges that is no necessary making it a very minimally invasive procedure.

Who can have multiple tooth implants?

Getting dental implants placed in Winchester VA is suitable for most people. Age and gender is not normally a factor. Some women with osteoporosis (loss of bone volume and mass) might require bone grafting. It is also important you do not have any active periodontal disease as this lowers the success rate of the treatment. Certain systemic disease can also affect the outcome which we will discuss at your consultation.

What is the procedure like?

  • Initial examination:
    You will have an initial examination by Dr. Oestervemb to determine if multiple dental implants is the right treatment for your mouth. During your consultation we will talk about the treatment to make sure you understand the procedure thoroughly and how it will help you achieve your goals. A Cone Beam CT Scan will be taken to evaluate your bone and to fabricate a 3D surgical guide for placement of the implants in the perfect position.
  • Planning:
    This type of planning does require a high degree of precision, equipment, and knowledge. During the computer simulated surgery Dr. Oestervemb will spend an extensive amount of time making sure your implants are placed correctly before fabricating the 3D guide and doing the surgery on you. This increased accuracy, makes for a faster surgery, quick recovery and less pain. If not done correctly the bridge potentially will not seat, have poor esthetics and be too thin to support so many teeth.
  • Surgery:
    The actual procedure of placing multiple dental implants is carried out using the 3D printed implant guide that guides the implants into the correct position avoiding vital anatomical structures. Doing guided surgery is like laparoscopic surgery – smaller incisions and faster healing.
  • Healing/recovery:
    The implants have to heal between 2-4 months before we can place the final bridge. And we are always available if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Final Bridge:
    The final dental implant bridge is inserted and approved for esthetics, phonetics and bite. We have our own in house lab so if you do not like the shade of your bridge we can normally change that the same day while you wait in the chair.

What is the advantages of Multiple Dental Implants?

Multiple dental implants is a very reliable way to replace multiple missing teeth and to avoid loose and uncomfortable partial dentures. Will also last longer than a conventional tooth bridge. 

What is the disadvantages of multiple dental implants?

Dental Implants require more healing time than a conventional tooth bridge and it is still important to keep up with regular checkups, even if you have no natural teeth left. Good oral hygiene is absolutely essential for keeping your dental implants free from plaque. Otherwise they can become infected and fail.

What are the risks of multiple dental implants?

The risks are very similar for any type of dental implants surgery. Good planning ensures the implants are not overloaded or stressed. And good oral hygiene keeps the implants plaque free. If you experience significant health changes after your surgery this could affect the long term success. So always discuss any health changes with Dr. Oestervemb.

What is the alternatives to dental implant bridges?

The most common alternatives is a partial dentures. This is loose, uncomfortable and can accelerate bone loss over time. Another option is a tooth bridge but this requires grinding down your teeth to make room for crowns/caps on the teeth increasing the risks for root canals.


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What is the cost of multiple implants?

The cost depends on number of implants required, type of dental implant being used, type of final bridge, need for bone grafting, and need for sinus lifting. That is why we offer free implant consultations.

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