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Same day crowns

Same day crowns In Winchester, VA

Same day crowns are becoming very popular. When Dr. Oestervemb was teaching at the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry he had all the different brands of digital impression system and milling machines available. But he was not very impressed with how the crowns fit when they were done the same day. However, if Dr. Oestervemb transferred his digital impression to a dedicated milling center, the fit was excellent.

Dr. Oestervemb’s clinical experience is supported by research showing that digital impressions now can be just as good as conventional impressions.

The issue with same day crowns are that they require buying an in-office milling machine. The technology here has developed rapidly as well, and you can now finally get what is called 5 axis milling machines. Milling centers or large dental labs utilize these machines that can cost over 1 million dollars. Most in-office milling machines are 3, or at best 4 axis, which also shows in their price tag of normally less than 1/10 of the large milling center machines. So, we have decided to send our crowns to a local milling center for fabrication to ensure the best possible quality and fit.

Same day crowns are a lot easier for the dentist, but until the technology develops more we have decided to do what is best for our patients.

We constantly follow updated research and we are waiting while new equipment is being developed.


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