dental problems during covid-19

To say that Covid-19 has completely changed our lives would be an understatement. We have to wear masks and keep people at arm’s length literally. We are advised to only go out when it is necessary and in emergencies while adhering to all the safety precautions. Many people are confused about whether to visit their dentists for routine checkups or not. People, in general, are feeling apprehensive and worrying about their safety at the dental clinic.

But, there is nothing much to worry about because CDA has issued a list of safety protocols that dental clinics need to follow to offer dental care services, be it routine or emergency. Dental clinics in Winchester, VA, are the CDA guidelines to ensure the patients and safety.

Some safety protocols that dental clinics are as follows:

    • Pre-screening: The pre-screening procedure before an appointment is vital as it helps the staff at the dental clinic in determining whether it is safe for an individual to visit the clinic or not. When you call the clinic to book an appointment, you will be asked questions regarding your current health status, if you show any Covid-19 symptoms, and if you have come in contact with any Covid-positive person or not. Therefore, only a healthy person will get a dentist’s appointment.
    • Updated check-in process: Individuals need to wait for their appointments in their vehicles instead of inside the designated waiting area at the clinic, under the new check-in process. This ensures that there is no crowd at the clinic while following social distancing norms. When it is your time to see the dentist, you will receive a text or call. This eliminates the need to inquire at the front desk, and thus, limiting human interaction.
    • Enhanced Sanitization: For the safety of everyone involved, such as patients and clinical staff, dental clinics are to increase sanitization protocols. The dental staff deep cleans and sanitizes all the chairs, tables, door handles, dental equipment, and frequently touched surfaces regularly. Besides, every person that enters the clinic needs to sanitize his or her hands.
    • Wearing protection gear: The clinical staff, particularly the medical team have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Alternatively, dentists and dental hygienists should use a face shield and mask, and gloves alongside a disposable gown. Irrespective of the dental service that a person is visiting the clinic for, protective gear ensures that everyone involved is safe.

At Smiles of Virginia, we follow all the safety precautions, issued by the CDC, to provide our patients with hygienic dental services in the times of Corona. You can contact us to book an appointment with a dentist in Winchester, VA.