Why we decided to invest in a CBCT scanner

CBCT scanners used to only be found in oral surgery offices and radiology clinics. But since we believe in only offering the very finest care we felt like this was a necessary step to complement our full range of dental services. Our patients love and benefit from us offering all procedures in-house and we now also offer the most advanced imaging to further enhance our services.


A CBCT scan allows us to see your teeth, jaw bone, joints and airway in 3 dimensions. The benefits are many but to mention a few it allows us to evaluate your airway and nasal passages for problems related to snoring or sleep apnea. Often we end up referring our snoring and sleep apnea patients to their ENT doctor for potential surgery. We can also before we extract a tooth we can see if it is touching a nerve to avoid nerve damage. Or treatment plan your implant placement and 3D print a surgical guide that allows for the most ideal placement compared to placing the implant freehand.


A CBCT is short for a Cone Beam CT scanner. This is a special dental CT scanner that uses much less radiation than a medical CT scanner. We have decided to buy the Planmeca Promax CBCT since it delivers extremely low radiation using its patented “Ultra Low Dose”™ that allows us to get the same diagnostic information with an average of 77% dose reduction.

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