Dental Crowns in Winchester, VA

Dental Crowns

A crown, also known as a “cap”, is a protective cover placed on a tooth in order to reinforce and strengthen the tooth. Crowns are normally your last line of defense when it comes to restoring your broken or badly decayed tooth. To do this we use enhanced porcelain materials that not only look great but also have impeccable durability – click here for more information on our all-ceramic crowns. Why? Because we believe our patients deserve the best when it comes to restoring and rebuilding their natural smile. However, we still offer high quality full metal/gold crowns for patients who are not concerned about esthetics.

Reasons why you might need a crown:

  • A very large cavity or filling covering a large majority of your tooth. The tooth may need a crown in order to protect what remains.
  • After a root canal to strengthen the tooth, the survival rate significantly increases if you place a crown on a root canal treated tooth
  • Cosmetics to improve the look, fullness and youthfulness of your smile
  • Cracks in teeth that, without reinforcement or a protection around the tooth, could crack further causing pain or break down of the tooth

How is a crown made?

  1. A crown is made by cleaning up the tooth, removing all decay and placing a foundation – kind of like building a house, you need the foundation to be strong before you place the house (crown) on top of it.
  2. We then make an impression/mold of your tooth to custom fabricate a crown that fits exactly to your tooth color and shape.
  3. While the lab makes the crown you will have a tooth-colored temporary crown.
  4. The final crown is then bonded onto your tooth for a perfect fit.

 dental crowns Winchester, VA

There are many different types of crowns and we will be happy to talk with you about which type of crown would be the best for your mouth.

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