COVID-19 Precautions

As you can see from the list below we comply with the CDC Updated Guidelines to keep both you and our team safe.

  1. Installation of 14 HEPA Air Purification Units throughout the office with UV-C light. Most offices only use HEPA filtration that does not kill COVID-19 virus. Our units utilize UV-C light that has been shown to kill COVID-19 virus. We have 1 unit in each patient room that cleans 100% of the air in the room every 5 minutes. This is why it is so important not to have actual patient rooms and not an open concept dental office so the air is not just sucked in from another room. We also make sure to wait a minimum of 5 minutes before bringing our next patients back, to ensure that all the air and any aerosols in the room have been sanitized. These units are also located in the waiting room, front desk area, break room and other common areas.
  2. Installation of Hospital Grade HVAC filters that are running 24/7 in the whole building. They filter the air to help remove any virus/bacteria that could be present in the air (filters comply with ASHRAE Hospital standard 170-2013).
  3. We have all patients pre-rinse with a 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide rinse that has been shown to kill COVID-19.
  4. All of our rooms are private rooms with walls in between (no open concept, open at the ceiling) to avoid transfer of aerosols to other rooms.
  5. We use FDA approved hospital grade disinfectants proven to work against the Corona Virus, to disinfect not just patients’ rooms, but all high contact areas (check in, checkout counter, bathrooms, etc.)
  6. All of our instrument cassettes gets a sticker after each sterilization cycle, just like they do at the hospital, that allow us to track our instruments
  7. New Patient Screening measures:
    1. Vitals will now include a no touch temperature scan of your forehead eliminating any contact with the thermometer.
    2. Pre-Visit screening questionnaires where we verify you have not traveled within the last 2 weeks, have any respiratory symptoms (cough/sore throat) or a fever within the last 2 weeks.
  8. New Team Screening measures:
    1. All team member gets their temperature taking every day when they report to work.
    2. If any team member has any respiratory symptoms (cough or sore throat), a fever or has travelled within the last 2 weeks they will not be reporting to work.
  9. In conjunction with our current Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our clinical team will also be equipped with the following:
    1. Disposable full body gowns
    2. Disposable surgical hair caps
    3. Full face shields Op-D-Op full face shields
    4. ASTM Level 3 Masks as well as N95 masks when indicated
  10. Utilization of Isolite by Zyris. In conjunction with our current suction, we are now able to eliminate airborne dental aerosols by over 90%. Click here to learn more
  11. Hand Sanitizer and VioNexus Antimicrobial Foaming Soap is available throughout the office. Proper hand hygiene is your first line of defense. Both our hand sanitizer, but also the VioNexus Foaming Soap, dries by itself after use, requiring no paper towels further decreasing the risk of disease transmission by avoiding touching paper towels.
  12. Sneeze-Guards have been installed at the front desk to help protect our front desk team.
  13. Our check-in and checkout procedures have been streamlined to minimize any contact with other patients.
    1. Patient are encouraged to wait in their car. A team member will then come take you to your private disinfected room.

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