Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures (RPDs)

A very important step in maintaining a healthy smile is to replace missing teeth.

The existence of missing teeth in your mouth means that remaining teeth can change position and drift into the surrounding spaces. You also will be putting more force on your existing teeth. If all of your back (posterior) teeth are missing, you are putting all of your biting, speaking and chewing forces on your front teeth which can be detrimental and increase wear rapidly.

A removable partial denture (RPD) can fill in the spaces created by missing teeth in a very cost effective way.

With an RPD, you pay the same fee for replacing 4 teeth as you do for replacing 8 teeth. The removable partial denture will help you properly chew your food. It can also provide support for your lips and cheeks.

removable partial denture

A removable partial denture normally consists of a metal framework with teeth attached to it. The metal framework uses clasps to anchor on to the teeth. If you don’t have teeth in the ideal position, we can sometimes place an implant with an attachment (rubber gasket, see photo) to help anchor the denture in. This creates a denture with no visible claps.

We also offer non-metal removable partial dentures so you can avoid any metal showing in your smile.

However, the non-metal partials only gain support from your gums. They are also known as “gum strippers” because all the force gets transferred to your gums. In the long term, the force can be harmful. So, in general, we prefer to use the cast metal partial dentures. But, we offer a wide variety of different design styles.

non-metal partial denture

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