PowerProx Six Month Braces – Common Questions

PowerProx Six Months Braces©  FAQ:

Question: Do you just tighten the braces more often? 

A: This is a very common misconception and the answer is no! Actually stronger forces that over-tighten the braces slow down movement. Lighter forces move the tooth faster than higher forces.  This is because around your tooth there is a layer called the PDL (periodontal ligament) that acts as a shock absorber. If you put too much pressure on your braces they will pull too hard on the PDL and bruise it – causing the movement to stop. If you use a lighter force, you just gently push the PDL in front of the tooth and the movement doesn’t stop. This means there is more continuity to the movement of your teeth and ultimately this means safer, faster, and more comfortable tooth movement.

Question: Do I have to wear big metal braces on my teeth?

A: You do not have to wear metal braces on your teeth. We use clear, nearly invisible braces on your teeth. We also do offer braces placed on the lingual side of your teeth but this is at an additional cost.

Question: Do I need to wear a retainer?

A: With any orthodontic procedure you need to wear a retainer to maintain your final tooth position. We either use a clear retainer that is nearly invisible that you sleep with at night. We also offer to bond (glue) a thin retainer wire on the back of your teeth to avoid you having to wear a retainer at night.