Cone Beam (CBCT)

What is a CBCT?

CBCT ScanCBCT stands for cone beam CT scanner. It uses an x-ray beam in the shape of a cone to produce the 3 dimensional view. It is a quick procedure that we offer in house. CBCT scanner used to only be used in radiology clinics or oral surgery offices. But since our patients love and benefit from us offering all procedures in house we decided to now also offer the most advanced imaging to further enhance our services.

What can a CBCT be used for?

In general we use it to improve diagnosis and treatment planning for a variety of reasons. These can include

Dental implants:

  • Evaluating bone available
  • Placing your implant on a computer based on your scan and 3d printing a surgical guide for perfect placement.
  • Evaluate need for bone graft, sinus lift etc.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:

  • Relationship of third molars to the nerve. This can help avoid permanent nerve damage.
  • Evaluation of fractures after trauma
  • Localizing impacted teeth or non erupting teeth

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology:

  • Visualize cyst and any pathology you need to see in 3 dimensions


  • Allows use to localize missed canals in the root or to see infection a regular x-ray does not allow us to see.


  • Complex treatment planning for orthognathic surgery and impacted teeth or non erupting teeth

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ):

  • Shows the relationship of our jaw joints to your skull and any bony or arthritic changes.

Sleep apnea:

  • Allows us to evaluate your airways, your palate extension, any constrictions, septum deviations etc.

Advantages over medical CT Scanners

A CBCT is much more comfortable for patients as it is an open environment, no claustrophobia or akward positioning. It is also wheelchair accessible or you can sit on a chair while we scan you. The exposure is also much quicker and the radiation compared to a medical CT is over 15 times less. It also allows for higher image resolution of bone and teeth.

Will my insurance pay for a CBCT?

Often your dental insurance will not but we as a courtesy will file it to your medical insurance that sometimes will cover the scan. We also try and limit our fee to make it as affordable as possible.