Sealants: Questions and Answers

Sealants: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you place a sealant?

A: The tooth is first cleaned using a 2-step process. Then, while keeping the tooth dry, a thin tooth-colored material is flowed into all the groves to seal the tooth. A special blue light is then placed for 20 seconds to make the material harden.

Question: Does it hurt to get sealants placed?

A: The procedure is very quick and comfortable and we do not have to anesthetize (numb) for this procedure.

Question: At what ages do you normally recommend sealants?

A: Most often sealants are placed on adult molar teeth as these have the deepest groves and are the hardest to reach. In general, the first adult molars erupt into your child’s mouth at around age 6 and they start getting their second adult molars at around age 12. So, in general, at around age 6 and age 12 we place sealants.

Question: How long do sealants last for?

A: The long term retention of sealants can vary. Certain things can cause sealants to wear faster such as how much your child grinds his/her teeth, how acidic their diet is or how well they brush their teeth.