IV Sedation: Your Questions Answered

IV Sedation FAQ

Question: How is IV-sedation different from Oral sedation (taking pills)?

A: Oral sedation, taking pills, will have many of the same effect as IV sedation, however oral sedation takes a longer time to take effect, is less predictable and often does not make you as relaxed as I.V. sedation. If you have serious anxiety oral sedation may not be the best option for you.

Question: What is IV-sedation?

A: IV sedation is administered directly into a vein in the hand or arm allowing us to titrate your medication so you quickly and painlessly fall into a state of deep relaxation. Unlike general anesthesia we use moderate conscious sedation where you will still be breathing on your own but the medications we give you provide amnesia so you most often won’t remember anything. The effect afterward usually takes a few hours to wear off so you should always plan on coming with a loved one to help you leave our office and get home safely.

Question: Is sedation dentistry safe?

A: Sedation dentistry is an efficient, save and effective method for many patients to receive dental treatment they would otherwise not be able to get. Prior to starting sedation dentistry, Dr. Oestervemb will work closely with you to determine the best sedation option for your treatment.
Question: Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

If you are in overall good health and are over the age of 15 you are most likely a good candidate for IV sedation. We often recommend IV sedation for dental phobic patients, multiple tooth extractions, wisdom tooth extraction, complex or lengthy procedures, gag flex or sinus augmentations/sinus lifts.