Implant Supported Overdentures – Questions and Answers

Implant Supported Overdenture: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between an implant-supported denture and an implant-retained denture?

A: The difference between an implant supported denture and an implant retained denture is the implant supported denture is only stabilized by implants, normally 2-4 in the front, to keep it from moving but the gums/soft tissue still support the denture. An implant-retained denture is completely retained by the implants and does not require gums and soft tissue to be supporting it. The implant-retained denture can also be made in 2 different ways, it is either so you can take it out like an implant-supported denture or it can be screwed in permanently like a bridge. To read more see our implant retained denture page here.

Q: How long does it take to get my implant-supported overdenture?

A: If you already have an existing denture we will place the implants and you will continue to wear your old denture until the implants have healed. After this healing period, a new denture is made that attaches to a bar or snaps on to attachments. In some circumstances we can reuse your existing denture and retrofit it to be used with the attachments.