Importance of Dental Insurance

Want to get the smile of dreams to maintain your oral health? The best way to do so is visiting a reliable dental clinic on a regular basis. But we are all aware of the fact that dental work can at times be the reason for the hole in your pocket. This is exactly where the importance of dental insurance policies emerge. They play a vital role in helping you to efficiently maintain your dental health by covering a major portion of the money to be spent at dental clinics. 

Here at Smiles of Virginia, Winchester, VA, we often face questions related to dental insurance. It is due to this reason that we decided to pick up this topic and draw an end to all confusion. Just remember that getting a clear understanding of how dental insurances work is pretty simple. They can be a part of the total medical insurance or you can also go for stand-alone dental insurance.

The dental treatments covered by the insurance policies can be divided into three broad broad categories – major, basic and preventive. 

  • The major plan includes getting implants, dentures and bridges etc. Fifty percent of the cost is generally covered by the insurance policies in such cases
  • The preventive treatment covers X-rays, protection of teeth with sealants, and annual cleaning sessions of the mouth.
  • Whereas the basic plan involves issues related to teeth, gum, extractions, root canals, and fillings.

You should know that the procedures that are included in cosmetic dentistry are generally not covered by insurance companies. It is advisable to always gather detailed information about what all the dental insurance covers before committing to it. 

How do Dental Insurance Policies function?

People often hesitate while getting dental insurance as they do not have clarity about how these policies actually work. Well, getting a clear understanding of the topic will definitely be effective in shedding all such inhibitions. 

  • Firstly, you need to choose an insurance plan depending on the affordability and the dentist you wish to be able to select.
  • If the dentist of your choice already has a tie-up with the insurance company’s network, you will have to face no issues. But, if this is not the case then you need to select one from the dentists who are already in the network of the insurance company. 
  • The monthly premiums of the insurance companies are generally based on the cost of living of the area where you live and the policy you select. 

The Insurance Policy at Smiles of Virginia

Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center is a participating network provider with Delta Dental Insurance. We also realize that money is a big factor that can act as a hurdle and stop people from seeking quality medical assistance. Keeping all such things in mind, we have kept the price of various treatments reasonable so that everyone can avail of them. Be assured of the fact that you will also be able to utilize the maximum benefits which come under the insurance policy. All you gotta do is just let our professionals know about it and they will happily investigate your plan on your behalf before your appointment.

Our primary motto is to make the lives of patients better and help them to surpass all challenges with ease. Hence, we take special initiative to file all your insurance claims on your behalf. Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center have a direct online interface with many insurance companies to help our patients understand what their insurance will cover. Our professionals are also aware of the particulars of the various dental insurances. So worry no more, just get in touch with us and get all your dental issues resolved without feeling any pocket pinch. You can go through the information available on our website to find out about the wide array of dental treatments offered at the Smiles of Virginia Family Dental Center in Winchester, VA. Thank you.